Roulotte IGoutte

On the road since the summer of 2016, Micro-Roulotte iGoutte, made of 70% aluminium, has had great success with Spyder and compact-car owners. AVS supported this project with $10,000 from the Rio Tinto Fund for Aluminium Valley. AVS has also been playing an advisory role in recent years, helping entrepreneurs take the necessary steps towards project success. The organization helped to organize the official launch of the Limited Edition iGoutte model in November 2017.

Hélicoptère Multi-Tech

Hélicoptère Multi-Tech is a manufacturer of kit helicopters and other aviation product manufacturer. The company has recently started producing its own aluminium rotor blades. AVS has been supporting the venture since 2016, including $25,000 from the Rio Tinto Fund for Aluminium Valley. AVS has also supported the company’s search for suppliers.


Founded in 2015, Manutech offers a range of handling and storage equipment mostly made of aluminium. In addition to the marketing of its existing products, Manutech continues to work on the design of new products. AVS, via the Desjardins-Innovatech business accelerator for Aluminium Valley, financed the company to the tune of $250,000 over two years, plus $12,500 from the Rio Tinto Fund for Aluminium Valley.


In operation for several years already, Coupesag specializes in sheet metal transformation for a variety of industry segments. In close collaboration with A3 Surfaces technology, Coupesag is working on the design of a value-added aluminium cooling tower. The innovative project has received $25,000 from the Rio Tinto Fund for Aluminium Valley.

Usinage SM

On the advice of a marketing expert, Usinage SM has developed and implemented a marketing plan for its aluminium truck-wheel refurbishing service. AVS actively supported the project with $250,000 from the Desjardins-Innovatech business accelerator.

OXO Valves

Valves developed an innovative idea featuring aluminium valve handles, thus helping to decrease the cost of valve handle replacements. AVS has been supporting this company for several years as they evolved through their product’s various development stages.


urfaces has developed an antimicrobial aluminium surface treatment system, thus helping to curb the spread of infectious diseases. The treatment can be applied to various surfaces to prevent microorganic growth. The sponsors of this innovative project received active support from AVS with expert advice, networking, and funding.


This company developed a flexible constructive system for commercial and institutional markets. Their innovative concept features a system of construction components and materials made up of laminated-glued wood beams and posts, as well as detachable curtain-walls with aluminium frames. The company received financing from the Rio Tinto Fund for Aluminium Valley to help with the design process of specific parts.