The Stobia team would like to thank the Société de la Vallée de l’Aluminium for its involvement in the realization of our project. The financial support and guidance that our company has received from the very beginning allows us to benefit from better knowledge and development capabilities today. The SVA has been a major partner that has contributed to the mastery of the technical issues of the project by promoting access to the regional know-how of the aluminum industry. The support received has helped structure, improve and promote the success of the project. We are grateful to have had access to such resources in the start-up of our company.

Thank you to the entire SVA team!

The Old Guard

The financial assistance of the SVA has greatly contributed to the development of the Frontenac. From the conceptualization and 3D modeling of the components to the 3D printing of the prototypes and the production of aluminum extrusions for the testing of the parts, the SVA has supported La Vieille Garde in the realization of the various steps necessary in the long process of putting this product into production with growing potential!

We will be eternally grateful to them and thank you for encouraging the companies of the Aluminium region!

Long life to you

SEF equipment

Hello, I am Nicolas, president of SEF équipements. I created the Hym hand washing station. Offering a quality, durable and ecological equipment was a priority for me in this context of health crisis. The choice to use aluminum as a material was an inevitable one.  Thanks to the advice, references and financial assistance obtained by the SVA, the marketing of my product as well as my entrepreneurial journey has been much easier.   I would like to thank Mr. Garbugli and the SVA for the support I received and for believing in my product.


Box-am would like to thank the Société de la Vallée de l’aluminium for its involvement and help from the beginning of our project.  The SVA was the first organization to help us with a financial contribution and they are still present at every step of our project’s development. We are fortunate to be able to count on this type of facilitator exclusive to our region.

Nature Alu

“Since the very beginning of the company, the SVA has been an invaluable partner for Nature Alu. Whether through its vast network of partners or its financial support, the SVA has greatly contributed to Nature Alu becoming the only producer of high-purity aluminum in America. The collaboration, professionalism and expertise demonstrated by their team have supported Nature Alu in the development of an innovative purification process, with a very low carbon footprint and entirely developed in the Aluminium Valley®.

SVA is now helping Nature Alu grow, collaborating on product transformation projects. The development of these new high purity aluminum products with very high added value, will allow Nature Alu to emerge in the energy transition sectors.

We would like to thank the entire SVA team for fostering the growth of regional companies in the aluminum field as they were able to do so brilliantly for Nature Alu!”

Savar Hangar

Savar Hangar would like to thank the Société de la Vallée de l’aluminium for its involvement in our project. They are the first ones to have helped us with a financial contribution and to have believed in our idea. Their expertise, their dynamism as well as their listening helped greatly to the progress of the project. We are very grateful to have had access to their advice. Philip Savard, President

Naval Design

The FMP Naval Design team would like to thank the SVA for its support and guidance, particularly in the context of the global pandemic. The financial support has allowed us to develop the aluminum niche in the marine industry, offering quality, durable, ecological and innovative boats. The support offered to our company has allowed for quality networking in addition to having been profitable in the difficult context of supply. We are privileged to be able to count on this great expertise here in Quebec! Francis Parisé Jr. Vice President of FMP Ship Design


The SVA has been an important ally of REMAC for several years now. In addition to financial assistance, the SVA has provided us with invaluable advice on developing new business opportunities that will ensure REMAC’s sustainability for many years to come. We appreciate working with the Corporation for its keen understanding of the business and economic issues facing the SLSJ and its proactive involvement in our projects.