In 2004, the Aluminum Transformation Cluster of Excellence (TDL) was awarded to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Hosted by the Société de la Vallée de l’aluminum in Alma, it consists of four production sectors

1. The production of semi-finished products;
2. The production of finished and value-added products;
3. Manufacturing specialized equipment for the global aluminum production industry;
4. The recycling of aluminum and its manufacturing residues.


Learn more about the ACCORD Program. See the annual reports.



The Aluminum Transformation Cluster of Excellence has many benefits for regional enterprises:

  • Action plan designed to meet entrepreneur needs.
  • Strong and dynamic aluminum industry development partnerships.
  • Promotion of Aluminum Valley enterprises across Quebec and globally.
  • Strong support organization.
  • Easy access to R&D networks.
  • Access to qualified labour through worker training and professional improvement programs developed within the framework of the ACCORD Program.


The mission of the Aluminum Transformation Cluster of Excellence is to facilitate cohesion, promote networking and mobilize the various stakeholders around a common project of the aluminum sector.


The Cluster of Excellence aims to become the key opportunity manager for all the players in the sector involved in aluminum transformation, in order to promote its use and reuse ad infinitum.