The Aluminium Valley® is :

A specialized, synergic industrial cluster

  • Over one hundred dynamic companies supported by a robust partnering network.
  • World-class second and third transformation companies and OEMs.
  • Over 7,000 direct jobs and 30,000 indirect jobs.

An ideal geographical location

  • Raw material available in many forms and alloy types, including molten aluminium.
  • An industrial transportation system across North America (highways, 3 commercial airports, freight-specialized railroad connected to the main North American networks, and 2 deep-water seaports).
  • Low renewable energy – hydroelectric power.
  • An accessible network of natural gas

Specialized professional, technical and university training

  • University: Aluminium, computer, mechanical, and electrical engineering graduate and post-graduate programs.
  • College: Technical programs in metallurgy, civil engineering, industrial electronics, mechanics, chemistry, analytical chemistry, and industrial engineering.
  • Vocation Training: Welding and fitting, foundry metallurgy, machining techniques, machine-tool work, and more.

Up to 400 aluminium research specialists

  • NRC Aluminium Technology Centre
  • University aluminium research centre
  • Arvida R&D Centre
  • Extrusion Transfer CentreCentre of Expertise and Innovation on Aluminum
  • Friction-stir welding centre at UQAC
  • Automated production centre
  • Altec research consortium

Unique services and exclusive services for the development of aluminium-related ventures

  • Aluminium Valley Society
  • Centre québécois de recherche et développement de l’aluminium
  • Trans-Al Network