Improve access to and the quality of support for Aluminium Valley®businesses

Business support is one of AVS’s key mandates. Be it through financial support from the Rio Tinto Fund and Desjardins-Innovatech Funds for Aluminium Valley, or our advisory and support role, we provide assistance to Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean entrepreneurs at every stage of their projects.

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Soutenir la commercialisation des entreprises 

La SVA soutien la démarche de commercialisation des entreprises entre autres par le projet Export-Équipementiers et par la gestion du Chantier-Équipementier d’AluQuébec.

  • Export-Équipementiers
    Mis en place en 2014, le projet vise à supporter les équipementiers du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean dans le développement des marchés au Moyen-Orient par la création d’un consortium.


  • Chantier-Équipementiers
    La SVA soutient par son expertise le Chantier-Équipementiers d’AluQuébec, qui vise à identifier et à mettre en place des actions pour augmenter le volume d’affaires des équipementiers et fournisseurs spécialisés au Québec.

Foster the emergence of new production ventures

Within the framework of the Aluminium Development Strategy, AVS has been commissioned to accelerate the development of aluminium transformation projects in Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean in an effort to bolster the value chain. The development of such projects requires identifying business opportunities, investor and foreign partnership interest, and specific projects with development potential.

To this day, AVS has invested $732,000 to develop 16 structuring projects with the potential to create 323 jobs and investments in the $329 million range.

Here are a few examples of completed or ongoing structuring projects:

  • Aluminium bottle manufacturing facility
    Technical-commercial prefeasibility studies were initiated to see if  demand justifies the implementation of an aluminium container manufacturing facility to produce some 40 million units per year. The study convinced investors to go forward with a detailed feasibility study for the implementation of an aluminium can or bottle manufacturing facility


  • Aluminium foundry
    A feasibility study for the implementation of an aluminium foundry in the region was conducted. The first step consisted in selecting the technologies and product types likely to offer the best income potential. A second study allowed identifying interested clients, partners, and operators.


  • Small forging billets
    A complete project was developed for the future implementation of a production unit based on groundbreaking technology. A sponsor is currently performing a detailed study in that regard.

Reinforce and support interorganizational networking

Collaboration among various organizations involved in the aluminium industry is a critical path to entrepreneur support and success. AVS makes it a priority to ensure efficient networking through action plans and involvement in various industry-related committees.

Moreover, every three years AVS organizes the Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show, which brings together key representatives of the regional aluminium industry under a same roof for exchanges and discussions.

Coordinate the ACCORD Aluminium Transformation Niche of Excellence 

AVS coordinates the ACCORD Aluminium Transformation Niche of Excellence to ensure the fulfilment of its missions: Positioning the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region as a world-class aluminium transformation hub by supporting the growth of existing businesses and actively contributing to new business ventures.